Asparagus Fern

Asparagus fern is commonly used in mixed containers or window box plantings for its long, arching plumes of uniform habit and medium green shades.

Space: 10-22”
Height: 24-36”
Width: 12-24”
Exposure: Sun


The Boston fern is your traditional fern foliage and habit. It makes for a great green basket under under your porch or in other shady areas.

Space: 24-36”
Height: 36”
Width: 36”
Exposure: Shade

bosten fern.jpg

Boston Fern


kimberly fern.jpg

Kimberly Fern

The Kimberly Fern is a bold and beautiful fern with its dark green leaves. It does well in sunny areas, contrary to most other ferns on the market. Consider a tropical in the south that will come back, in the Mid-West it is only considered an annual.

Space: 24-40”
Height: 36”
Width: 36”
Exposure: Sun