Ritters has one last season in them at the end of the year (and if you ask us, one of the prettiest seasons all year)! From pumpkins and mums to an assortment of other fall flowers, Ritters continues to strive to bring you the best looking and growing flowers in the Mid-Missouri region. To keep up with the changing scenery as the fall season begins, make sure to stop by and get all of your fall decorations to make your house one of the prettiest on the block!



The fall flower line is expanding for the second season in a row. Last year we added Rudbeckia along with Twisted and Intez Celosia and this year we are adding quite a few options to our fall line. We have always grown pansies and violas in the spring but we WILL have them for the fall this year as well as some new Congo Calibrachoa plants that we have not had in the spring before.

Stay tuned to our Season Updates and make sure to like our Facebook page to stay up to date to when our Fall flowers and decorations will become available!

  Celosia - New Product as of 2016.

 Celosia - New Product as of 2016.

** All fall flowers and decorations are subject to availability**