Cold Crops


  • Premium Crop: Broad 8” heads, Delicious fresh or cooked, 58-65 days to maturity

Brussel Sprouts

  • Jade Cross: Many blue-green heads, Sturdy stems, Prolific, 80-85 days to maturity


  • Copenhagen: Large heads are early, Excellent for sauerkraut, 68 days to maturity

  • Early Flat Dutch: Midseason ball-shaped heads up to 9” diameter, 83-88 days to maturity

  • Ruby Ball: Early red heads have sweet flavor, Resists splitting, 65-68 days to maturity

  • Stonehead: Yellow-resistant, Nearly round blue-green heads, 50-70 days to maturity


  • Super Snowball: A good home garden variety with medium to large heads, 52-55 days to maturity